Don't Waste Time! Here’s the Fact about Marriage Certificate Attestation For UAE

Acquiring visa for UAE is convenient die to liberalization. Making the legalization procedure flexible is helpful. The authentication of Marriage Certificate is an important responsibility that is a must complete formality as you are looking to visit UAE or do business. It has relevance defining your evidence and gives permission to enter UAE. It works as a genuine verification and ND Universal is the best company offering attestation services as legitimate services.

Marriage certificate attestation for UAE
Marriage certificate attestation for UAE
Marriage certificate attestation for UAE
Marriage certificate attestation for UAE

Sample copies of documents attestation stamp

What is Marriage Certificate attestation and why is it required?

Marriage Certificate attestation is a significant legalization procedure in which there is the UAE embassy attestation stamp procured. It is done from the certificate issued country. Marriage Certificate Attestation refers to validating the document genuineness which is needed abroad. It gives evidence to the other countries about your legally married status. Thus, you can get your residence visa or spouse sponsorship. The providing authorities need certain documents for processing. The certification attestation is issued by a country where the marriage was held.

purpose of documents attestation
Work Visa
purpose of documents attestation
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purpose of documents attestation
Family Visa
purpose of documents attestation
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How to get UAE Embassy Attestation Services?

Getting UAE embassy attestation services means you have to get ready to go through the procedure stages. It is better to approach ND Universal to get your attestation done on the documents or certificates. At ND Universal, the attestation services are done as a hassle-free process and in the quickest time. They know the procedure and thus, there is no room to cause any delay in the process. They offer the best attestation services and in most major cities.

What is the process for a Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE?

The marriage certificate attestation is not a short procedure to complete in one or two days. There are a few steps involved in this procedure. The steps to complete the process for a marriage certificate attestation for UAE involves:

  • Notary Attestation - It is performed as the first step of action from the local notary. They give their concern as the stamp and signature. The notary is the basic law requirement dealing with the verification process.
  • Home Department Attestation - Attestation on the personal documents is in the hands of the State Home Department. The certification of the personal documents includes birth, death or marriage certificate. Home Department exclusively carries out the personal documents certification and there are officials to attest such specific documents.
  • SDM Attestation - The Sub-Divisional Magistrate is for the Home Department and in rare cases, for HRD to attest documents. However, some authorities compel the HRD attestation for educational documents. Sub-Divisional Magistrate is the main state government performing separately.
  • MEA Stamp - MEA is the last authentication stage that is affixed on the document as the sticker or stamp. It is from the home government. It is the central department dealing with the country’s external affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation - The concerned country personnel gives the attestation on the documents. It is given after the MEA attestation and is the last step of verification.
Marriage certificate attestation process for UAE

How long does it take to get Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE?

It normally takes a few weeks to 7 to 9 days to get the certificate attestation. At times, it may lengthen depending on the attestation details of the visiting country.

How much does it cost to get a Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE?

Marriage Certificate attestation cost depends on the urgency and if there are additional facilities such as pickup and drop of the documents given as delivery service at the door step.

Why choose ND Universal?

ND Universal is a one stop solution for anyone looking to get the attestation on the marriage certificate for UAE. They are professionals having license to do the attestation process. The staff of ND Universal know all the rules and the changes of law taking place in each country. They make a note of everything to guide their clients.

Their knowledge and experience assure no delay in the marriage certificate attestation for UAE process. They know how to manage the process of attestation such that there is no reason to delay or face rejection. Thus, the time of the client is saved and also their money in this process.

ND Universal prioritizes the comfort of the clients and are ready to answer their queries from anywhere. They give focus to customer satisfaction that they keep their work transparent. They regularly update their clients about each stage of the attestation progress. They do not give any room for complaints.

The priority is given to customers and this keeps the customers happy to have ND universal working for them. The staff know to handle the attestation procedures well and they have direct approach with higher officials. They ensure there is no delay and get you the attestation on the documents within the said time. The attestation procedure value is well-known to them and they also educate you about its value and significance.

Why Choose ND Universal for Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE?

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