Why is Birth Certificate Attestation Necessary for a Visa?

birth certificate attestation

You will see that a Birth Certificate Attestation is necessary to get the permanent visa of other countries. The birth certificate of the applicant has to go through the authentication of the stamp and the sign of officials. Birth Certificate Attestation comes in the category of non-educational documents and it needs to go through the attestation process.

The main purpose of Birth Certificate Attestation in India is to ensure the genuineness of the certificate. A birth certificate is a top-notch document or certificate for every person. It is an important document that will include all the important details about the birth of a child. For the Attestation of a birth certificate, you may need to visit the agency that provides Birth Certificate Attestation Services.

What is the meaning of Attestation?

Attestation is the process of ensuring the authenticity of a document by certifying every detail of certificates and documents. This process is of attestation is complete the person can make it authentic by the sign or stamp. Attestation of various documents is necessary for all the countries that are not members of the Hague Convention.

People can even use the Attestation documents where apostille documents and certificates are not legal. You can describe attestation as to the sign of a notary official on the photocopy of the applicant’s documents and certificates. It will confirm that the photocopy is a true copy of the documents and certificates.

Birth Certificate Attestation in India

The authentication of the birth certificate is essential to prove that your documents are genuine and legal. You will see that the home government will do the process of legalisation and it will grant permission to visit the other countries. The procedure of attestation or legalisation can be time-consuming so the applicants have to wait.

Many agencies in India provide the service of Birth Certificate Attestation in India. Many people will prefer to get help from expert firms to get the birth certificate attestation services.

What is the meaning of Birth Certificate Attestation and why is it necessary?

Birth certificate attestation is one of the important procedures that will ensure that the certificate is legal. It is a mandatory document and certificate if the person wants to migrate to another country for educational purposes. The college or university will accept the application for a visa if the applicant has attestation of a birth certificate.

You will see that the government register will issue a birth certificate that will keep the record of daily births. It will also display that a person is born in a specific country. You will notice that a birth certificate involves crucial information like the origin of the country, time, and date of birth. In short, you can say that birth certificate attestation is important all over the world.

What is the process of Birth Certificate Attestation?

You will see that attestation of all the personal documents and certificates is not a straightforward process. Applicants have to follow several steps to get the attestation of the Birth Certificate. Here you will get the whole procedure of birth certificate attestation.

1. Notary Attestation:

Notary attestation is the first step of the procedure of attestation. This attestation in India is necessary for all personal and educational documents and certificates. Applicants have to visit the local notary and get the signature and stamp on certificates. This notary attestation is the most simple and necessary procedure for attestation.

2. Home Department Attestation:

It is the second step of Birth Certificate Attestation. The State home department will do the process of the verification of all personal documents. It will involve various personal documents and certificates like birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. The home department will perform an extraordinary legalisation procedure for all personal documents.

3. SDM Attestation:

Some people may wonder what is the meaning of SDM attestation. If you are one of them then let me tell you that SDM is known as a Sub-Divisional Magistrate that is part of the Home department and will handle some rare cases. The sub-Divisional Magistrate is independent of the state government and will work individually.

4. MEA Stamp:

This is the third step for Birth certificate attestation. MEA is widely known as the Ministry of External Affairs. It is the process that needs to be done after the process of Home Department Attestation. Once the MEA stamp is applied to the birth certificate, it will become valid for all countries that are not part of the Hague Convention.

5. Embassy Attestation:

Embassy attestation is the last procedure that will execute once all the steps are complete. The applicants have to carry their attestation documents and certificates to the embassy of the country where they want to migrate. Once the applicants get the certificate from the embassy, they can easily migrate to other countries.

Necessary Documents for Birth Certificate Attestation in India

  • Original Birth Certificate
  • 2 Passport Size Photos
  • Original Passport of the applicant
  • 2 Visa Copy of the applicant
  • 2 copies of the Authorization letter