Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE in 3 days

When you are traveling abroad to places like the United Arab Emirates, you need to have their Birth Certificate attested. It is a significant responsibility that one needs to take care of in order to get the Visa for their UAE visit. Birth Certificate Attestation helps in defining and legitimizing the identity of the respective candidate. The UAE Embassy provides the attestation stamp on the original birth certificate of the candidate.

For people who do not like or have the time to stand in long queues at government offices, there are various attestation agencies who offer services for Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE. These services are available at major cities in India such as Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and more.

How Much Time Does It Take to Get Attestation for a Birth Certificate ?

Birth Certificate Attestation is a prolonged process as it involves five, and at times, six different stages of attestation before the process is finally completed. It also depends on the country for which the candidate is attesting their documents and the severity of the situation. However, it can be safe to say that the time taken for birth certificate attestation can range from fifteen days to a month.

The Process of Attestation of Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate attestation process can be time-consuming. It includes different stages before it is finally attested by the United Arab Emirates Embassy. Take a look at the procedure mentioned below:

  • Notary Attestation: The first step involves the candidate to get their Birth Certificate attested by the Notary of the State. The local Notary attests the certificate by a stamp or a signature. The Notary Attestation is the primary requirement in terms of the attestation process. This is applicable for both educational and personal documents of a candidate.
  • Home Department Attestation: If a candidate is attesting their personal documents, they need to get it done from the State Home Department. Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, and Marriage Certificate fall under the category of personal documents. It is only the Home Department and specific officials who have the authority to attest the personal documents of a candidate.
  • SDM Attestation: It might happen, that a candidate might require the attestation of the Sub-District Magistrate in place of the Home Department or Human Resource Department in rarer cases. In some cases, some authorities make it a necessity for the candidates to get their educational documents attested by the Human Resource Department. SDM is however autonomous to the state government. They operate separately.
  • MEA Stamp: In terms of the home government, the Ministry of External Affairs would be the last to provide the candidates with attestation proof. The MEA is a central department that looks after the country's external affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation: This is the last stage of attestation. The UAE Embassy would carry out the task of providing the final stamp or signature of attestation on the birth certificate of the respective candidate.

Hence, if you plan to visit the United Arab Emirates, you have to get your birth certificate attested. There are agencies available that can help customers get their birth certificate attested without much time and effort.

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