Things You Must Know About Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE

Acquiring UAE visa is convenient now due to liberalization. The procedure of legalization is handy. The Birth Certificate authentication is a vital responsibility that is essential to do business or even to visit UAE. The document or the birth certificate attestation determines your legitimacy. The agencies of UAE certificate attestation provide this certification swiftly.

Birth certificate attestation
Birth certificate attestation
Birth certificate attestation
Birth certificate attestation

Sample copies of documents attestation stamp

What is Birth Certificate attestation and why is it required?

Birth Certificate attestation is a significant legalization procedure. It requires acquiring attestation stamp from UAE Embassy. It is acquired from the certificate issued country. It is a must have document if you consider studying abroad. A college or a university accepts you on giving the birth certificate copy with an attestation. In association with the other educational institutions, visa requirement is mandatory, so that you get the visa. The government register has the daily births record and it is given by the government. The birth certificate shows your born date, time and the country.

purpose of documents attestation
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purpose of documents attestation
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purpose of documents attestation
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purpose of documents attestation
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How to get Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE Embassy

Availing UAE embassy attestation services is possible to do by yourself. Yet, most people prefer ND Universal to get the attestation. There are three document types, educational, personal, and commercial documents. ND Universal has excellent team to work for the attestation details that they ensure the process is hassle-free attestation of certificate. They offer the best attestation services including the courier options as well to facilitate customer convenience.

What is the process for a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

The birth certificate legalization is not a one-step procedure. It is a step by step attestation procedure that completes with the final attestation received by UAE embassy. The procedure is as follows:

  • Notary Attestation - The notary is the first course of action in this procedure. The local notary offers a stamp and a signature on the document as attestation. The notary fulfills the requirement of legislature relates to the process of certification. The notary attestation is a must for educational and personal documents, as the first step.
  • Home Department Attestation - The personal documents certification is performed by the SHD, the State Home Department. The verification of the personal document includes death certificate, marriage certificate, and the birth certificate. The attestation on the personal documents is done explicitly by the Home Department and the appointed officials permit attesting documents. This is the personal documents legalization second step.
  • SDM Attestation – It is an alternative for the Home Department and is useful in rare situations. Some authorities need HRD attestation on the educational documents and as Sub-Divisional Magistrate operates distinctly form the main state government, it gives the authority.
  • MEA Stamp - The Ministry of External Affairs is the MEA. It is the authentication last level that offers the MEA stamp on the document. It is the home government and the central department operating the external affairs in the country.
  • Embassy Attestation - The personnel carry out the certification of the documents of the respective country. It is after the MEA stamp and seal. It is the last verification step for most nations.
Birth certificate attestation process

How long does it take to get Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

The list of documents varies with each state or country and so the time relies on the document type and its attestation. However, to get the birth certificate attestation for UAE 7 to 9 days is enough. This may extend based on other factors.

How much does it cost to get a Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE?

The attestation of the Birth Certificate charges is not the same for all the places. It depends on the place that the documents were issued. The fees of the UAE attestation stay moderate, high or low relying on the extra services offered such as attestation of documents with pick up and drop facility.

Why choose ND Universal?

ND Universal is an attestation services providing company. They have in-depth knowledge and the professionals have license assuring the attestation of documents fulfills legal requirements. There is nothing to fear as they have enough experience in the attestation procedures to take to next levels easily. They also have direct approach with the higher officials and know the legal changes taking place immediately.

The document collection and delivery are a facility to the customer. The staff of ND Universal pick up the original documents and drop the documents after attestation. They ensure all the essentials are collected from the customer and maintain transparency by giving regular update on the process of the attestation of the certificate.

They value the time of their customers and respond 24 x 7. Payment is acceptable by ND Universal even while they deliver the documents with attestation. They offer assurance for the document safety. ND Universal recognizes all the foreign embassies and so there is the attestation of the document done before the said duration. They complete the entire process of attestation and deliver the attested documents.

Why Choose ND Universal for Birth certificate attestation

ND Universal is a trusted, and well-known organization for birth certificate attestation service for UAE. Here are the key reasons why you can bank on the ND Universal team to get your birth certificate and documents attested.

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